Telephone Systems

With a business telephone system, you’ll have complete control over your business voice services. At the heartbeat of the business, your phone system keeps customers and employees connected; it gives your business its personality and builds your brand.

And we’ll help you do all of this at the same time as managing costs and getting the best value for money. You’ll have the freedom to choose from a wide variety of systems, but also the help you need to find the perfect fit for your business needs.

Hosted Phone Systems

We know how important having a conversation is in business, our story began with the telephone after all, which is why we make sure we are at the forefront of technology in this area.

Hosted is a type of phone system that is held elsewhere. We 'host' your system, which means we can maintain it for you as well as leaving no large equipment at any of your sites. This also means it is flexible, as you only pay for the number of users you have at one time, and new features can be added and removed at any stage.

We offer a range of hosted phone systems, including PBX, but our most popular solution is SmartComms UC.

SmartComms customisable phone system

SmartComms UC is our flexible and customisable phone system that's made for the individual, so the needs of your office based staff, mobile workers and home workers can all be met at the same time. 

It's really easy to make changes without the worry of adding or removing any of your lines, let us handle that. Plus there's no up-front costs, meaning you only pay for what you use.

Want your desk phone and number to hand when you're out and about? Not a problem. Need to check if your colleagues are busy or free? SmartComms UC will do that for you. Fancy video conferencing? It's got that too. 

SmartComms UC can work for all the people in your business, from your office workers to those in the warehouse, your customer services and your field sales team. Find out more in the brochure below.


Easy to manage

Manage your SmartComms UC phone system from an online portal that allows you to set up call diverts, hunt groups and recorded messages. Add or remove employees from the system as your business changes and grows or customise features on each individual’s account.

Mobile working made easy

Work more efficiently and reduce mobile phone costs with our great flexible working features that allow calls to be made and received from smartphones or tablets. A single telephone number, regardless or your location, will mean you never miss a call.

Improve business continuity

If you can’t get to the office don’t worry – with SmartComms UC, you can route your calls to your mobiles, home office or even through your laptop, keeping you connected wherever you are.

First class service

Use SmartComms UC to deal with spikes in calls more effectively. With caller ID displayed on your handset, you can offer a more personalised greeting to your customers. And with voicemails delivered straight to your email, you’ll never miss a message.

Encourage team collaboration

From working on shared documents to instant messaging, video-conferencing and online meetings, staff will be able to collaborate from different locations as if they were in the same room.

Register for a free SmartComms UC demo

But we want to make sure it’s right before you commit which is why we’ve opened our Demo Suite at Carr Lane. We’ve got all the different phones set up for you to try, and our team will take the time to understand your requirements and recommend the best fit.

You’ll start by choosing which licences your business needs and how many of each. It might be that you mix and match a combination of licence types across the team based on individual employee roles. For instance, office-based staff could be best suited to the Functional licencing whereas your receptionist and mobile workers might benefit from Fixed and Mobility licences.

Functional User

What's included

  • Low-cost entry level option.
  • Transfer calls and put calls on hold.
  • Does not include voicemail.

Fixed User

What's included

  • Create a personal voicemail message for each user.
  • Set up call diverts through our portal.
  • Do everything a functional user can.

Mobility User

What's included

  • Make and receive calls from one number across ten different devices through our app.
  • Make free calls back to the office over Wi-Fi.
  • Do everything a fixed user can.

On Site Phone Systems

We also provide phone systems that are housed on your premises with your very own telephone equipment. These can be built with analogue or digital lines depending on the needs of your business and the number of users connected to the system.

With our on site system options, you are in control. Everything you need to work your new phone system is based with you. Access rich features with our Panasonic range such as simple conferencing, as well as detailed and live reporting on call statistics. These include statistics on call time, call volumes, wait times and availability times.

Additional Voice Services

Call Recording

Enhance your phone service with the security of our Call Recording bolt-on. In a nutshell, it automatically captures every phone conversation that takes place within your organisation.

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Call Routing

Never miss a call again with our Smart Routing bolt-on. In a nutshell, our routing service will automatically direct inbound traffic to any other number of your choice, whenever required.

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Audio Conferencing

Boost your business with our audio-conferencing bolt-on. It’s as simple as you’d imagine – it allows you to dial into meetings from anywhere in the world without the need to travel. There’s no line rental and calls cost as little as 4p per person per minute.

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Business Numbers

Build national or local presence using our Business Numbers bolt-on. Also known as NTS numbers, they’ll give your business a professional image and recognisable identity. As an example, a local business might use a National Rate number to portray a national presence, whereas national organisations could apply Local Rate numbers to cut call costs to the customer.

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