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Business Numbers

Build national or local presence using our Business Numbers bolt-on. Also known as NTS numbers, they’ll give your business a professional image and recognisable identity. As an example, a local business might use a National Rate number to portray a national presence, whereas national organisations could apply Local Rate numbers to cut call costs to the customer.

What’s more, you can generate reports and create answered and missed call logs. Marketing campaigns can be analysed to measure their success when a single NTS number has been assigned to a campaign. And you can even build additional routing to ensure calls are always delivered to the right place at the right time by pre-programming by day, date and time.

National Presence Numbers

080 - Free to Callers 0844, 0843 - Local Rate Calls 0870, 0871, and 0872 - National Rate Calls 090, 091 - Premium Rate Calls 03x - 03 numbers are charged at a geographic rate and included in inclusive minute packages 033 - Available for customer requesting a new 03 number 030 - Available to Public Sector and Non-profit organisations 034 - Available to customers migrating from a 084 number to a matching 034 equivalent 037 - Available to customers migrating from a 087 number to a matching 037 equivalent

KCOM Business Numbers

Never miss a call again with our Smart Routing bolt-on. In a nutshell, our routing service will automatically direct inbound traffic to any other number of your choice, whenever required. Setup and maintenance is simple and can be done either using the self-care web portal or by calling our Call Plan Management Service.

At the point of order, simply tell us which numbers you’d like to route and to where, up to a maximum of 5 free of charge. You can then update and alternate amongst these by dialling into a secure phone system. Alternatively, you can create, amend and manage your routing plans through your secure web portal. Calls can be directed based on:

  • Time of Day, e.g. “Between 9am and 5pm route to my main office in Hull”
  • Day of Week, e.g. “On Saturdays route to my other office”
  • Date of year, e.g. “On 24th of December route to my mobile number”
  • Geographic, e.g. “If the caller is outside of Yorkshire, route to my other office”
  • Ratio Distribution, e.g. “Split my calls in line with my staff availability”

Routing plans can be updated at any time to divert calls immediately, which is imperative in planning for business continuity and crisis management.

KCOM Smart Routing

Call recording

Enhance your phone service with the security of our Call Recording bolt-on. In a nutshell, it automatically captures every phone conversation that takes place within your organisation. It will record and store the content of the conversation, as well as the date and time. Calls can be searched for, located and listened to via an online portal.

There’s no need for expensive and bulky equipment on your premises, and we’ll help you create restricted access rights to keep the system secure.

Which calls will it capture?

  • NTS – inbound calls (01, 02, 03, 08 and 09 numbers built onto the Intelligent Network Platform)
  • Direct Connect – inbound and outbound calls


Boost your business with our audio-conferencing bolt-on. It’s as simple as you’d imagine – it allows you to dial into meetings from anywhere in the world without the need to travel. There’s no line rental and calls cost as little as 4p per person per minute.

How it works

Your audio-conferencing service is fully-automated and requires no pre-booking. Whenever you need to make a conference call – whether for 2 delegates or 200 - It’s simple and secure. We give you a dial-in number and PIN which you then share with recipients, anywhere in the world. You can schedule audio-conferencing meetings directly from Outlook using the Link Tool for easy integration.

Why would you choose audio-conferencing?

Keeping you connected

Communication is the backbone of your business. With audio-conferencing, everyone is connected. Whenever you need to get teams together to share business ideas or even respond to crises, you can – no matter where they are. Being able to act fast means you’ll stay ahead of the competition.

Better meetings, saving time and money

Create business efficiencies by replacing face-to-face meetings with the virtual audio-conference. Apart from saving the business valuable time and money, your people will benefit. And what’s more, you’ll save time generating meeting notes with our optional after-call email summary.

Giving you extra benefits

Your audio-conferencing service is supported with online account management. You’ll have access to real-time billing, account statements and online payment facilities.

KCOM Audio Conferencing

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