Assistive technology

Chaperone alarm devices

Chaperone is a personal alarm device that works wherever the user is, allowing them to raise an alarm even when away from home. It supports independence and gives reassurance to users as well as their family members and support staff that help is always at hand.

  • One-touch SOS alarm to alert centre
  • Two-way voice communication
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to carry
  • Robust and waterproof
  • Up to 200 hours battery life
  • Location finder and movement detector built-in

Epilepsy monitor

One of the most serious and worrying condition for people with epilepsy and their carers can be the night-time tonic/clonic seizure, which if left unattended can lead to a serious health risk.

Our epilepsy alarms and monitors support overnight care and can also assist with daytime monitoring. Carers are alerted automatically to any event via a wireless pager.

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Guardian - the advanced solution

Our most advanced epilepsy monitor, the guardian is designed to support multiple seizure types including tonic/clonic seizures. it is often used in professional care environments and educational facilities because of its easy integration and adaptability.

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Companion - the versatile solution

The companion monitor is ideal for the support of tonic/clonic seizures as well as situations that result in movement, sounds, vomiting, incontinence and bed leaving. It is suitable for used in professional or domestic settings.

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Movement sensors

Our radio motion sensor is designed to identify both intruder movement and any lack of movement.

  • Alerts when activated by movement or tampering
  • CE certified
  • Easily-integrated with other internet-enabled devices

Our door sensor will raise an alert should the door it is monitoring be opened or left open for a prolonged period of time.

  • Provides a reliable welfare and safety solution
  • Reassurance for the user, families and support staff
  • Easily integrated

Falls monitor

Worn on the wrist, our falls monitor triggers an alert should the wearer experience a fall.

  • Discreet wristwatch design with modern fascia
  • Uses radio and vibrator technology to detect falls
  • Easily integrated
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Smart Living Solutions

‘Smart Living Solutions’ are our suite of digital services that integrate both safety and wellbeing technologies into your customer’s homes. In addition, these solutions create a digital environment that enables audio and video communication, along with valuable data insights, to flow between client properties, individual’s homes, on-site and off-site support staff.

This means businesses can make better decisions, employees can be more effective and most importantly, residents can have better living experiences.

Enabling Smarter Living

Through the integration of digital technology and IOT devices, Smart Living Solutions enables housing providers to introduce smart home technology in a format which can be personalised for any lifestyle needs.

Why Digital? Because Smart Living Solutions allow you to go so much further than just an alarm system. Future-proofed and resilient for an already changing digital telecoms infrastructure.

  • Emergency call connection speed now just 4s compared to 1m40s.
  • Multiple calls can be placed across a development simultaneously.
  • Clear, dual-tone speech.
  • Door entry video to improve safety.
  • Video room to room calling to increase social engagement.
  • Video calling to onsite warden for greater independence.
  • Customisable display (with a link to your website if you wish).
  • Home automation capabilities improve convenience and safety.
  • Digital capability enables endless services to be integrated for value-add opportunities.

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