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SafeStart is a leased solution that provides either pure firewall or full Unified Threat Management (UTM) services for a simple monthly subscription. Our devices are scalable and can be tailored to suit your business needs, from a minimum of 10 users to unlimited.

With your tailored security solution you’ll have access to our network support team, where faults can be reported 24 hours a day. Maintenance is included as part of the subscription, with our promise to resolve any faults within 8 working hours.

UTM is our most comprehensive security provision. It helps provides complete protection against a host of incoming threats in one system. It includes a broad range of functions including firewall; gateway antivirus; intrusion prevention and reporting. Given its connection to the business network, UTM provides maximum security, but without hindering your Lightstream ultrafast speeds. It can also become your business-grade VPN for office-to-office and remote working.

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Focusing on the perimeter of the network, our Business Firewall is also available as part of a tailored solution. Working on an applied set of rules, it matches all incoming and outgoing data with what’s stored in the database to determine whether it’s harmful. If not, it can pass through, otherwise the firewall automatically blocks the traffic.

We offer you the choice between a templated firewall and bespoke service, both of which include unlimited changes during the lifetime of your service. Like the UTM, its throughput scales to cover our Lightstream 1Gbps service, meaning you’ll never compromise speed in pursuit of protection.

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