For some businesses, in-house server hosting can be a real headache. Our co-location service makes things so much easier. You can decide to use only what you need, you’ll have a high-speed, non-stop connection, and 24/7 security, support and expertise from us. Our Hull City Centre datacentre has a solution for every business, big or small.

What is Co-location?

Buying space on host servers in a Data centre, providing:

  • Fast Internet Connection
  • Cabinet Space
  • Power (electricity cost per KW)
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • Backup generator
  • Air conditioning
  • Fire suppression

Cheaper, faster, safer

Co-location does more than just save you time and money. We offer expert, 24/7 support and advice, a fast, uninterrupted connection, and the freedom to connect to the server from anywhere in the world.

KCOM Co-Location Data Sheet

Complete security for your hosted servers

Keeping your confidential business data secure is vital. On-premise servers are prone to unauthorised access and theft, meaning the privacy of your data can easily be compromised. Our dedicated Tier 3 data centre environments offer high levels of security 24/7, to fully protect your equipment on a physical level. A combination of continuous manned security, CCTV surveillance, intruder alarms and authorised access control makes sure only the people you want to have access to your servers can get near them. 

Your data, always available

Even the shortest period of time without access to your systems or data can have huge operational and financial impacts to your business. Therefore, it's essential that you can completely rely on your hosting environment. We provide a fully redundant service as standard to keep you connected to your data no matter the situation.

Reduce your infrastructure costs

Creating an environment to house your server infrastructure can be very costly. Not only does it need to have sufficient space, power, cooling and connectivity, it must also provide the necessary security and redundancy needed for best case business continuity. For a simple monthly, quarterly or annual fee, our service gives you access to all of the above without the headache. No huge upfront costs and no ongoing utility and maintenance bills. 

A service that grows with you

On-premise server environments can be very inflexible, either restricted by space or by the running costs of supporting extra hardware. Being able to simply add to your service, either by rack space, required power or connectivity allows your business to grow without the worry of your server infrastructure holding you back.

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