Health and Social Care Network (HSCN)

Do you work in the health and social care industry? If so then a big change is coming.

Come 2020, your N3 connection will need to be shut down, meaning replacing it should be a top priority. But this is a great opportunity to refresh the way you connect to the national network, through HSCN.

We've created a dedicated microsite all about HSCN to help you understand what it's all about.


Only technology suppliers showing this HSCN compliant kitemark are authorised to sell connections to the new HSCN network and we're proud to be among them.

That means you can trust us to comply with NHS Digital's high standards for quality and reliability.

Visit our HSCN microsite

Better collaboration:

HSCN will make it easier for staff across the health and social care sector to work together and reduce duplication by allowing your organisation to reuse and share existing services.

Cheaper connectivity:

We can pass on cost savings to you, which enables your organisation to place resources where it matters the most.

Standardised networks: 

Health and social care organisations can connect to HSCN safe in the knowledge that only suppliers that comply with quality standards defined by NHS Digital are accredited to sell connections, ensuring the network’s security and resilience.

Simpler access: 

HSCN will make it easier to access apps and systems including NHS Digital’s online tools, confirm NHS numbers, share care plans and access Summary Care Records etc.

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