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Advertise your business in the UK City of Culture

With over 200 telephone kiosks throughout Hull and East Yorkshire, exclusive outdoor advertising from KCOM is bound to get your business on the map. And with Hull in prime position as the UK City of Culture for 2017, there's no better time to take advantage of this high-impact and affordable way to promote your business. 

How telephone box advertising can work for you?

  • Geographically target your audience by advertising in particular postcode areas
  • Engage with your target audience at street level providing quality coverage in your local market
  • Reach a wide audience easily and repeatedly by using our city centre boxes
  • Long and short terms available to support and strengthen your marketing campaigns
  • Reach today’s moving population easily or signpost your business outlet by taking the box in your proximity
  • Anyone who leaves their home is exposed to phone box advertising – it’s unavoidable

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Our prime location kiosks are seen over 10,000 times a day by customers in Hull and East Yorkshire.

And with prices starting at just £275 p/month - which includes artwork design, print & installation - we can help you get the central presence you need to grow the business. 

So why not speak to us today about how you can advertise your business across the city and wider region, reaching thousands of local customers?

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