Community | 8 October 2018 - by Ben Thompson

KCOM celebrates National Customer Service Week...

...with a little help from our customers

Last week our Hull & East Yorkshire Business team celebrated National Customer Service Week by thanking our service team for the hard work they put in all year round for our customers. They are Tony, Sarah, Chris, Phil, Andy, Gillian, Glenn, Jacqui, Kerry, Leigh, Louise, Natalie, Nicola, Rachel, Wendy and Zoe! The majority of which you can see in the photo at the top of the page.

We also marked the week by asking our customers what our service team mean to them. We had some excellent feedback which we shared on social media throughout the week.

Here are some of the customer quotes we gathered during last week.


Thank you very much to Shelley Taylor of Civica for your kind words.


Karen, we are very grateful for your custom and we look forward to working with you further going forward.


Thanks Lindsay for your kind words. This quote was part of a wider glowing reference, which you can read below.

"I just wanted to write in and say what excellent and helpful customer service I have received from Glenn Jackman today.


I was presented with irreconcilable invoices and payment demands by a colleague, and when I rang in, not expecting much help, Glenn was marvellous, sorted it all out and gave me all the missing pieces of the jigsaw that I needed.  He was also friendly and helpful in the process.


I then called in again to see about setting up a direct debit and by chance got through to Glenn again (he did say there was only one Glenn J), who remembered my name (!) and was able to set up a direct debit immediately and answer all sorts of questions that I had about it to save me all sorts of jobs.


I was extremely impressed – and also by Louise Hartman who also took my initial query and passed me through to Glenn.


Your customer service has really made my day better and easier today, thank you so much.  I do think it deserves recognition, so do please thank the team!"


And finally, thank you James of ESP Systex, again you've given us a great longer quote which can be read below.

"ESP Systex have relied on KCOM for over 15 years with services including ISDN, ADSL, Lightstream and more recently Gigabit Leased Line internet connections. Over the years we have experienced what can only be described as an impeccable service. On the rare occasion we do have an issue, their support services have always adhered to strict SLA’s and reacted in a speedy and professional fashion. Our business critical services rely heavily on KCOM beingreliable and available 24/7/365, and we have absolute confidence in delivering these services to our customers without interruption. We look forwards to an ongoing and long lasting relationship with KCOM as our business grows, and have no doubt KCOM are the right people to help us along the way”​

Thank you to our service team for always putting the customer first.

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