Case Studies | 30 March 2015 - by KCOM

Lightstream boosts customer service at Tofts Bar & Grill

Please introduce yourself and your business

I'm Oliver Kaye and I'm the General Manager at Tofts Bar and Grill.

Tofts is a one stop shop for all your social needs, a late night bar and cocktail lounge over the weekend with live music and DJ across two floors of the building, and a restautant by day.

Tofts was the 2000th Lightstream connection – what made you switch?

We couldn’t wait to get connected. The previous bandwidth was too slow for our customers to use, so we couldn’t share the wifi password. Now it’s like a different place! The speed is unbelievable and it doesn’t matter how many people are logged on, they never lose the speed they need. It’s also important to me that the service is free for all of our customers to use.

What have been the main benefits?

One of the main reasons I’m in this business is to provide excellent customer service and that’s what Lightstream has allowed us to do. We have a lot more business people popping in for working lunches, we see a spike in logins on an evening over the weekend too – probably people taking photos and sharing them on social media.

What’s also great about having the WiFi connected to Lightstream is that we now have a mechanism to capture data. When anyone logs on to the connection we ask for an email address and every time someone does that, I get an automatic email to my phone – at one point I thought it was never going to end!

With all of the data we collect it’s a great way of then informing our customers on some of the fantastic promotions we have all week long.

We’ve also seen a spike in business lunches and corporate meetings, which is great to see and is a nod to the service we provide.

Why choose KCOM Business for you internet provider? Do you receive other services from them?

We know they’re reliable which is important when running a successful business.

We’ve also recently being informed about their SmartCCTV product that works over Lightstream, so we’ll be taking a look at that too; just knowing we can access it from anywhere sounds like a great feature.

We’ll also be looking to add our other businesses to Lightstream soon too.