Case Studies | 26 May 2016 - by KCOM

Swanland Tennis Club serves up KCOM WiFi for members

We spoke to Swanland Tennis Club to find out how Enterprise WiFi has helped keep the club connected. Read on to hear how their fast and reliable WiFi connection has taken the club to a whole new level.

Tell me a bit about your business and what you do 

I’m Teo Arkut, Head Coach at Swanland Tennis Club. The club has been in existence since 1944 and we have five floodlit courts that we train on every day of the week, in all weathers.

How is the internet an important part of your day to day business? And why is it important to have WiFi?

We have a full coaching programme throughout the week for children, adults and groups, so we’ve always got people coming and going. Often parents will sit in the clubhouse whilst their children train and catch up on messages or work emails on their phone, but the mobile phone signal isn’t great in Swanland so we thought KCOM’s Enterprise WiFi could be the answer.

I also do all the admin for the club and previously had to do it from home in my own time.

How long have you had Enterprise WiFi from KCOM?

We had it installed at the end of November, so just a few months ago. The engineer that came to fit it was great and got everything set up for us. Even he was impressed by the speeds I was getting on my phone!

We’ve just got one access point in the clubhouse, so it was really simple to set up and manage.

What made you upgrade?

We didn’t previously have a phone line or the internet, I did everything from my mobile or in my own time at home, so we needed to move with the times and get online. When I spoke to KCOM about it, they explored our needs in depth and tailored an Enterprise WiFi package specifically for us.

How does Enterprise WiFi make a difference to your business? What are the main benefits?

Word is spreading quite fast amongst our players and parents of children attending the club, they can’t believe the fast speeds they can get. People now bring their laptops or tablets to use the WiFi whilst they’re waiting or watching their kids play. I’ve also got children coming to sessions an hour early to do their homework before they go out on court.

We’re always trying to attract new members, so having WiFi is another great selling point for the club.

I can also input the results straight away on the Lawn Tennis Association website and do all my admin whilst I’m at work, saving me time when I get home!

The signal is really strong and reliable right across the site and it’s simple to use.

What did you rate most highly about the service you received from KCOM?

I couldn't fault anything, they fitted it really quickly and worked around my schedule. The engineer was really helpful and showed me how fast the speed was right across the site.

When recommending Enterprise WiFi to other businesses, what would  you say is the best thing about it?

It is amazingly fast! I’m getting an average speed of over 200 Mbps on my mobile; I downloaded an hour-long TV programme in about 30 seconds the other day. And the speeds hardly drop when there are multiple people using it.

It also shows that Swanland Tennis Club is forward-thinking and that we deliver a great all-round experience for our customers.

Could Enterprise WiFi connect your business and give it real competitive advantage? 

Any business will benefit from a solid, reliable WiFi connection, designed and built around the needs of the business and its users. Our business team are able to assess your needs and create a bespoke solution - they know what they're talking about when it comes to WiFi.

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