Case Studies | 3 April 2017 - by KCOM

Paul holds the key to business success

Paul Batty knows a thing or two about customer service - he’s spent the past decade building up a thriving business on the back of it.

As the owner of Sutton Locksmith & Glaziers Paul knows his customers appreciate “good old fashioned workmanship” and the personal touch that wins him five-star online reviews and plenty of repeat business.

“I think the world of my customers and they think the world of me,” says Paul, who now has a team of six providing locksmith services across Hull and the East Riding.

“They want you to turn up on time, do a good job for a good price and just be a decent guy. If you do that then people will always come back to you.”

Although Paul built up his business through word of mouth, promoting it on KCOM’s has pushed him to the next level.

“How people find tradesmen and how they get in touch has really changed in the past few years,” says Paul, of east Hull.

“Now everything is online I decided to put a profile on and it’s just completely gone through the roof. The amount of business that comes through the site is just unbelievable, and because I can put my testimonials up there I can show I’ve got satisfied customers. It’s helping me to help myself.”

With more than 50 five-star reviews for customers to read while searching for a reliable locksmith and glazier, it’s easy to see why Paul attracts business.

Embracing the digital era Paul has also signed up to Lightstream, KCOM’s ultrafast broadband service that enables him to respond quickly to enquiries when they come in.

“The nature of my business is reactive, people need help there and then.  They’re either locked out, or there’s a broken window so the first thing they do is look on their phones to find a local business that can help.

“I need a website that is ready and reliable so I can respond as quickly as possible. Lightstream has been brilliant for me. It’s so fast and I never see that little circle going around while I’m waiting for it to work.”

Not content with just one company, entrepreneurial Paul is also about to launch a new business selling a revolutionary new safety lock for double glazing called SashStop.

Inspired by an incident where he visited an elderly lady who had fallen in her home and he couldn’t get in quickly to help because of the dead locks on her doors and windows, Paul has developed a lock that combines safety and security so concerned family members can access their relatives’ homes.

The product has gained major interest from the security industry and is set to be launched internationally, but Paul is determined SashStop will be manufactured in Britain and run in Hull.

“Having a good internet connection enables you to run a business that can go all over the world from your home right here in Hull,” says Paul. “I know so many people who run home businesses now because it gives you the freedom to work the way you want to work. I’m glad the technology I’ve got from KCOM enables me to do that. It’s changed the way I work for the better.”