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S&J Synergy say cheaper isn't always better

In fact, if a deal looks too good to be true it usually is. There’s invariably a hidden cost, an inferior service or just a sense of something not quite living up to expectations.

That why when customers go to Hull’s S&J Synergy expecting a high quality, professional waste management service they know that’s exactly what they are going to get.

S&J Synergy don’t do half measures. They’re good at what they do and know if a job’s worth doing it’s worth doing right, first time.

Whether it’s making daily collections from major national companies, recycling or handling hazardous material safely, S&J Synergy has a dedicated 24-hour response team ready to take the pain out of waste management and disposal.

Fully qualified and certified to handle all types of unwanted rubbish, S&J Synergy offers a myriad of services; from skip hire and site and product audits, to training, maintenance and facilities management.

For Steve and Jill Gibson, who started the company three years ago, the key is working closely with partners to make sure they can identify and fulfil all their needs.


“We decided to come back because we know we will get the service we need to run our business properly. Like us, KCOM offers a good quality service"

It’s been an approach that’s paid dividends. From starting out as a duo in 2014, working 16 hour shifts, seven days a week at their Wincolmlee processing site, S&J Synergy has grown to now employ 27 people with a fleet of ten specialist vehicles.

They’re also multi-award winning, having scooped the accolade of Green Business of the Year for two years running in 2015 and. 2016.

“Our aim has always been to offer something, a standard of service, that no-one else offers,” says Jill.

“We work as a partner with companies and go that extra mile to make sure they get exactly what they need. Every service we offer is tailored to each individual client.

With major household names and international companies as their clients, Jill added that it’s important to be available 24/7 to deal with enquiries.


“It’s vitally important to us that we have an online presence that’s there and ready to deal with enquiries, says Jill. “When customers are looking for waste management services our website is our shop window.

“That’s often the first place a new client will go to. So it essential that the website is up and running, fast and that our email and phones work. Our customers expect us to be able to provide a quick response.

“We were with KCOM for a year when we started and then someone came along and said they could provide our internet connection better and cheaper.

“Like any company we are always looking to get maximum value for money, but to be honest it never really worked. Because we were working through a third party, we were saving literally a few pounds each month but everything took longer to sort out because we were going through a middleman.

“That’s why we have now come back to KCOM,” says Jill, who had a free consultation with KCOM who then fully managed the migration back to its services.

“We decided to come back because we know we will get the service we need to run our business properly. Like us, KCOM offers a good quality service. You get what you pay for.”

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