Case Studies | 30 July 2015 - by KCOM

Productivity goes “through the roof” thanks to Lightstream

Please introduce yourself and your business

I’m Paul Rymer, owner of, an independent computer sales and repair shop on Holderness Road, Hull. We’ve been trading since 1994 and provide a range of computer related services including sales, repairs, upgrades and a tailored PC buying service.

Why did you want to have Lightstream installed?

As a computer service firm the speed and capacity of our broadband is crucial to our business. With our previous broadband service, we were getting speeds of around 4Mbps so it was very slow. Upgrades and downloads could often take several days. When I heard about the Superfast Britain voucher scheme and potential speeds of up to 1Gbps, I jumped at the opportunity to sign up.

Was the voucher scheme easy to take part in? How does it work?

I heard about the scheme just before it was launched. It’s a fantastic way for small businesses that wouldn’t otherwise have the financial means to do so to connect to KCOM Lightstream. I called KCOM straight away and they put me on the list to be contacted when the connection vouchers became available.

The registration forms were very straightforward and KCOM staff were on hand to help me. As soon as I was approved for the connection, KCOM carried out the installation very quickly in just 90 minutes and with minimum fuss.

What are the benefits of faster broadband to your business?

Lightstream has transformed my business. The time-savings are phenomenal and the service I can offer my customers has been revolutionised. We’ve gone from speeds of just 4Mbps to at least 100Mbps.

This means that repairs and upgrades can now be done within an hour or two, compared to two days on the old service. The process to download drivers is super-quick – what used to take one hour is completed within two minutes.

The improved speeds also mean I can work on three or four computers at the same time, instead of just one at a time, so productivity has gone through the roof. I wish I’d had it 10 years ago as I get 10 times the amount of work done!

What difference has it made to your business?

I can offer customers a much faster, more efficient and superior service. With these speeds, I can install all the latest updates on a PC at the same time as I repair it. Previously this was impossible as it would take longer to download updates on to a machine than it did to complete a full installation. Now I can get everything downloaded on to the machines in an instant, which means I’m not waiting around or going back and forth to check on progress.

Our WiFi is also now far more efficient and resilient. My customers are remarking on how fast the download speeds are in the shop and they’re delighted with the quality of our service.

What do you think of the service from KCOM?

It was brilliant, from the initial call that I made, right through to the installation. KCOM kept me fully informed throughout the process and helped me with the Superfast Britain application process.

I’ve been a customer of KCOM for 21 years and I’ve never had a problem – if I do get any minor issues, it’s reassuring that a local person is just at the end of the phone.