Case Studies | 23 August 2019 - by Ian Midgley

Lightstream helps R&R Studio get picture perfect results

Ultrafast broadband makes East Yorkshire photography firm more efficient

Lightstream helps R&R studio get picture perfect results

In the old days it would be quicker to burn images to a disc and deliver them in person to a client’s office than to email them over.

That was then, this is now, and technology has moved on leaps and bounds for East Yorkshire-based commercial photographers R&R Studio.

With the need to send large picture and video files to clients across the region on a daily basis, R&R needs a fast, reliable, broadband connection that won’t let them down, says owner Paul Edgar.

“Back then, it was genuinely faster to physically drive around to a client’s business,” says Paul, who’s been a professional photographer for two decades.

“Now, as soon as I click send on the file I can ring up the client and I know that by the time they’ve answered the phone the images will be there for them to see.”

Business partner Jack Harland, said:  “The priority for us is a really fast upload speed because, as photographers, we can be sending files as big as three or four gigabytes per job. They’re huge files, but I know on Lightstream they can be sent within seconds.

“Technology just makes everything so much quicker and means we can be getting on with other things. A job that would take a day before can now be done in an hour. It makes us more efficient.”

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