Case Studies | 12 June 2019 - by Ian Midgley

Lightstream enables Craig to take games global

For Craig Albeck Lightstream broadband isn’t just a luxury – it’s an essential part of his everyday business.

Lightstream enables Craig to take games global

As sales and marketing manager for global video games developer Lab42, Craig says it’s crucial that he has ultrafast and reliable broadband.

Craig, who lives and works from home in the Avenues area of Hull, said: “Lightstream is a fundamental part of my everyday work, quite simply I couldn’t function without it.

“I do a lot of really data heavy stuff, video editing, uploading files, downloading files, and I need the Lightstream connection to make that possible. It’s crucial that I have those speeds and the accessibility throughout the house – and even into the garden. I’m always receiving video calls and I need to be able to talk to colleagues and customers no matter where I am in the house.

“Basically, Lightstream is part of the furniture for me now – actually it’s part of the office furniture.”

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