Case Studies | 24 February 2017 - by KCOM

How one 'Lovely' company is keeping pace with the 21st century

Web entrepreneur Helen Davies knows the key to flourishing online is to be ready 24/7

Just because the High Street shuts up shop at 6pm doesn’t mean that people stop shopping.

In these days of online surfing our shopping habits have changed beyond recognition.

Now, shoppers are just as likely to sit at home in their pyjamas with a glass of wine while they search online for that perfect gift.

And that’s why Helen Davies needs her online shop window to be open and ready 24/7.

As owner of The Lovely Keepsake Company, an online store of 500+ bespoke gifts for every life milestone and occasion - from birth and engagement to marriage and remembrance – Helen knows the importance of having fast, reliable broadband to give her customers what they want, when they want it.

She said: “The stability of the site is hugely important to me. I need my website to be up and working when my customers want to shop. 

“People don’t just shop in the nine-to-five world any more. They come home, have their tea, put the kids to bed and then maybe sit on the sofa and search online for that present they needed. They are flexible and I need my internet to be reliable and flexible too.

“Most of my orders come through between 7 and 11 o’clock at night and 55 per cent of those are through a smart phone, so I need my broadband to be up the challenge at any time of day or night.”

Launched in June 2015, The Lovely Keepsake Company now supplies customers across the UK and abroad and the East Yorkshire business is planning to expand and take its business to the next level in 2017.


Helen Davies of the Lovely Keepsake Company

Mum-of-three Helen says her KCOM broadband makes her thriving business venture possible.

“Speed is of the utmost importance to me because the expectations of online shoppers now is so high; if they are delayed trying to access a website they’ll quickly move elsewhere.

“The truth of the matter is this is a dream job for me, but I would never have dreamed ten years ago it would be possible because the technology simply didn’t exist.

“I didn’t have the time the flexibility or the money to open a shop, but I can do this because of the advances in technology and as people’s shopping habits change businesses like mine are quickly changing with them.”

You can visit Helen’s bespoke gift store here.

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