Case Studies | 21 August 2015 - by KCOM

KCOM helps Hawk Editorial to spread its wings

"Backup was very quick and easy to install and works away efficiently in the background.”

Please introduce yourself and your business.
I’m Sam Hawcroft, managing director of Hawk Editorial, a publishing company based in Hull.

How long have you used the Backup for?
I’ve had it since the start of 2015.

Why is Backup important to your business?
I run the business on my own and outsource various parts of the production. I was looking for a file back-up service and when I saw that KCOM offered one, I thought I would try it. If my computer went down and I lost everything, it would mean the end of my livelihood. Everything I do is on the computer, I have thousands of photographs and articles saved there that are very important and if I lost these it would devastate the company. The magazine is 92 pages, which means we have lots of content for each issue. To lose any of this would cost the company time and money and could interrupt deadlines which are very important in this industry.

What are the key benefits of Backup? How does it help you to improve efficiency and service?
One of the key benefits is that it allows me to focus on my work, rather than worrying about the technology. Backup was very quick and easy to install and works away efficiently in the background. I can focus on production, without having to think about storing and backing up files – I get a notification daily telling me how many files have been saved.

Backup gives me peace of mind to know everything is saved and I don’t have to worry about it. Spending time backing up files and assuring they are always reachable is a job larger companies are able to hire employees to do; having Backup allows my company to function like these larger companies, without using precious resource. As managing director, not having to worry about spending time backing up my files allows me to focus on running my business – every minute counts when you’re on your own.

How would you describe how KCOM has helped you to transform your business?
The peace of mind and time-saving benefits of Backup are invaluable. The team at KCOM are easily accessible, friendly and their products are competitive. I can work peacefully knowing that my files are secure.

Would you recommend KCOM products to other firms?
I would, especially to anyone in Hull. KCOM is such a large, established company and has been in Hull for over 100 years now. They’re very experienced, with lots of local knowledge. This is very attractive to local firms. KCOM understands local businesses and what they need to help them develop and prosper.

What do you think of the service from KCOM?
KCOM gives an excellent local service. I have never had any problems with KCOM. I enjoy being able to ring a local number and hear a friendly voice on the end of the phone. I have very rarely had to wait on hold and when I have, it has only ever been for a few minutes at the most. It’s very reassuring to know that if any problems arise, KCOM is just at the other end of the phone.

 Will you take further services from KCOM in the future?
I am having Lightstream installed in a month or so and I think this will further transform my business and the way that I work. I rely on the internet to upload files and keep in touch with everyone regarding the magazine. Everything I do is online and to be able to do all much faster would substantially increase my efficiency and the service I can give to suppliers. I would definitely be interested in other products from KCOM.