Case Studies | 30 June 2015 - by KCOM

KCOM helps Haven Veterinary Group stay mobile

Q - Please introduce yourself and your business

A - My name is Evie Beattie and I'm the Senior Practice Administrator for Haven Veterinary Group.

Q - Tell us about your business?

A - We have two veterinary surgery branches in Hedon and Hull and we see and treat all animals from large farm animals, through to pets and exotics. There are more than 30 staff, from vets and vet nurses to client care and finance staff, and we have been in practice for over 100 years.

Q - Why do you need KCOM mobiles?

A - Well without them we’d be forever trying to contact people! The mobiles allow all our vets to communicate when they’re off-site, on-site and on-call, making the veterinary practice a much more productive place to work.

Nowadays the vets rotate between the Hull and Hedon branches so the mobiles are brilliant for keeping in touch at all times. We might be out and about or in the office, but we know that no matter where a member of staff is, we can contact them.

Q - What has having a KCOM Mobile allowed your business to do?

A - We’ve definitely saved time as a business. We can now get in touch with staff while they’re out and about, meaning if a job comes in and it’s close to their location, we can send them over without someone from the office heading out. Staff no longer need to come back to the office for the next job either.

Due to the productivity that using KCOM Mobiles has allowed us to achieve, we can now fit in more clients, which leads to a higher turnover, which culminates in a higher profit. It’s been like a domino effect.

Q - Would you say you’re now able to work more flexibly?

A - Our business reacts more quickly, our staff are on-hand for our customers throughout the day and we can access our social media and website whenever and wherever we are, meaning we can keep customers up to date at all times.

Q - Who has seen the most benefit in your business from using KCOM Mobile?

A - It’s useful for everyone. Now all we need to do is send a text to a colleague and they know that we won’t be back in until a certain time. The fact that our vets are on-call some of the time means that it’s really important for them to be on hand straight away and at whatever time.

Q - Why did you choose KCOM to be your mobile phone provider?

A - It made sense as we already have various packages with KCOM, such as our phone and broadband. We’ve never had any problems with their service and we preferred to have one service provider rather than 10.

We also have our own dedicated account manager at KCOM, which is brilliant as he’s always on hand whenever we need him.

We would highly recommend KCOM to anyone, which is why we use KCOM for all of our services and not just our phone line.