Case Studies | 26 January 2015 - by KCOM

Lightstream builds foundations for success at Beverley Building Society

Please introduce yourself and your business

I’m Mike Plaster and I’m the marketing manager at Beverley Building Society. A fact you may not be aware of is that Beverley Building Society is the only independent building society in East Yorkshire. We’re also one of the UK’s oldest building societies, established in 1866.

 Why did you have Lightstream installed?

We’ve been increasing our online presence for a number of years now and in order to fulfil our needs we needed a faster broadband connection.

We also frequently update the website and upload multiple images and content, so a fast connection is essential to maintain productivity.

Lightstream has allowed us to fully introduce a new disaster recovery facility to the business, as all our files can now be stored in the cloud, out of harm’s way. The increased speed of Lightstream means we are now also able to rely on the cloud in meetings, so many have become paperless as any documents we need can be accessed and downloaded immediately to a tablet.

What have been the main benefits of KCOM Lightstream?

Speed has been by far the biggest benefit. We’ve gone from 9Mbps (megabits per second) to 120Mbps for download speed, which is fantastic for us and for business. Thanks to Lightstream it feels we can now offer more to our customers and not only that, but do it faster than ever before.

Everyday tasks are easier, whether that’s uploading to our website or using social media to engage with our customers.

 Would you go back to your standard broadband connection?

Not if we didn’t have to! Giving the business an online presence couldn’t have been done as effectively if we didn’t have Lightstream. A large proportion of our business strategy is now also focused online.

What are the benefits of being with KCOM Business?

As a respected local business, we think it’s important to work with other local businesses to show the power that working together can bring; and it just so happens KCOM are as supportive as they come.

We know that if we have any problems they’re not far away.

Would you say Lightstream allows you to work more flexibly as a business?

Absolutely – board members now all have tablets for meetings and can access notes and make feedback on the move. The cloud has been a huge help – gone are the days of being limited to the confines of an office.