Case Studies | 27 August 2015 - by KCOM

Business is booming for Bed Boutique

Q - Please introduce yourself and your business.

A- I’m Deborah Fletcher owner of Bed Boutique.

Q - How long have you been in business?

A - I've been here on Newland Avenue now for nearly nine years.

Q - Tell us about your business.

A - It started out as just me, but as I’ve become a lot busier my mum offers to help when she can and I’ve also employed a part-time member of staff who has been really helpful.

Q- How has having a KCOMphone and broadband package changed the way your business operates?

A- It’s really changed the business. In the last three months I’ve launched our online shop which has proved to be a huge success. Having KCOM broadband installed has been a defining moment in moving the business forward – being online, taking orders, having three devices on the WiFi, taking payments – everything has been made easier and faster.

I also run a busy Facebook page that needs to be constantly updated daily with new stock, what we’re up to and any new deals, meaning I’m constantly online. Without a fast and reliable Internet connection I wouldn’t be able to operate like I do; it's in part thanks to KCOM broadband my trade has trebled in the last six months.

Q - What have been the key benefits to your business?

A - Before I had the KCOM package I was just a shop that sold clothes in-store. Well, not anymore! I’m so pleased that my business has moved forward with the times and now I can keep building on the success of moving online as well as having the shop. I now have a constant connection with my customers which is, in my opinion, key to growing a business.

Q - Why did you choose to have a phone and broadband package with KCOM?

A- Ultimately, speed and convenience. I received a personalised flyer to my business a few months back and I just knew that it was just what I needed.

On Facebook alone in the last six months the shop has grown from having 200 Likes to more than 3,500 Likes which is astonishing, but fantastic. It’s also great that KCOM is just down the road in the city centre so if I have any trouble with my phone or broadband it takes minutes or hours to resolve, not days.

Q - Do you work on the move?

A - All of the time, mostly on my iPad or my iPhone when I’m out and about and then my iMac at home. I usually spend a day or two each week in London/Manchester for stock, so it’s important to be able to work on the road - just because I’m out of the shop doesn’t mean it stands still. Photographers nowadays are sending images over email, rather than me having to travel to collect them, and that's really given me time to spend on more important aspects of my business. I’m a big believer in giving the customer a good experience, so I’m always on hand to answer any questions, queries or fashion dilemmas. It’s more of a lifestyle now, rather than work.

Q - Would you recommend KCOM to your clients/friends?

A - Yes definitely, it’s changed the face of my whole business.

Q -What other technology do you use in your business?

A- As well as using my iPhone and iPad regularly while travelling, and the phone line to take payments by card, I also use my iPad for house parties. They're called Bed Boutique Fashion Parties, where I bring the shop to your house. The iPad is brilliant for these as I can even receive payments through it – it’s like my whole business is in my hand.

Q - Do you  ever need to work from home?

A- I’m always working from home on week nights and weekends, but it’s all part and parcel of owning your own business and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Q - How do you promote your business?

A - I’ve become quite a fan of social media - it’s been a revelation. I use both Facebook and Twitter, which are both free ways of advertising and in my opinion too good an opportunity to pass up. Some people ask, “What about all of the old folk who don’t see it?”, but you’d be surprised by how many people do use it! My target fashion audience is 16-55 year olds and I have 55 year olds interacting with me as well as16 year olds asking for fashion advice - it’s brill.