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Atom Brewery plots global growth online

In the 21st century there should be no such thing as a business that “can’t do” online.

From the biggest multinational to the smallest sandwich shop, anyone who isn’t using the internet as their shop window to the world is in danger of missing out.

Even the most traditional of industries, such as the age-old craft of brewing, have moved with the times.

For Hull’s award-winning Atom Brewery the internet is an essential weapon in its armoury to spread the word about its science-inspired ales such as Schrodinger’s Cat, Phobos and Deimos and Pulsar.

Founder Allan Rice says being online has helped Atom grow way beyond its Hull roots. In just three short years Atom has expanded to supply customers in all four corners of the world. Last year Atom produced 34 beers and sold more than 230,000 pints to ale lovers as far afield as Australia and Lapland.

“Our customer base is predominantly millennials, aged from 25 to 40, who basically gather their information from social media like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

“That means we need to be able to access the internet 24/7 and we need it to be reliable. We need a solid access point that never drops out and KCOM gives us that.

“For us, having a connection to the world – and I mean the world – has allowed us to find customers around the globe.”

Moving forward, Atom Brewery has big plans to expand further and sees the digital world as the ideal place to build its brand.

“We’ve taken part in online tastings of our beer with groups like, where we’ll have 10,000 people all tasting our beer at the same time, wherever they are in the world, and reporting what they think of it live on Twitter. That’s a massive opportunity to talk about what we do directly with our audience and promote our beers.

 “We’re also working towards being a 100 per cent paperless business so it’s important to us that all our transactions can be carried out online. It’s about incorporating all our transactions so they can be done on our iPads and fed back into the system.”

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