Case Studies | 1 April 2016 - by KCOM

Ashwell benefits from lone worker safety solution

Chaperone - Providing the most advanced lone worker safety solution

Ashwell Academy is a facility for KS3 students with complex, academic and social needs. As an alternative provider, it requires a considered approach that incorporates intensive emotional and educational support, helping students to feel comfortable, enhance open communications, gain confidence and develop key skills, leading to a smooth reintegration into mainstream education. Due to the nature of the academy, the safeguarding of staff and students is a key priority.

Incidents involving students occur on a daily basis at Ashwell Academy, which have to be brought under control whilst adhering to strict rules. School policy states that the teacher must remain in the area and supervise the students, so calling for assistance must be done without leaving the classroom. If a teacher is working alone, this can pose a real problem as students can’t be sent out to call for help. Radio devices were originally used, but this old technology was unreliable and it also contravened some Health and Safety regulations.

Meanwhile, other members of staff would often find themselves vulnerable, especially due to the academy’s geographical position and low security levels. Outside of the classroom problem, key holders and lone workers such as cleaners and caretakers were faced with a geographical challenge through open fields and the academy’s position within the city as well as having poor lighting and working unsociable hours. This created huge potential for risk which needed to be addressed.

Push button reassurance

We visited Ashwell Academy to conduct a thorough site assessment, also taking note of working arrangements and obtaining verbal insight. By issuing our portable Chaperone devices to all staff, alerts are now sent directly to the reception area, eliminating the need for radios and the dangers that can arise from long response times. Guaranteeing ease of use and immediate notification, this system also removes the possibility of an alert being missed by sending it as both an email and a phone call, all at the push of a button.

Peace of mind

Teachers can now quickly call for help without having to remove their attention from an incident, helping them to stay in control and monitor all students
under their care. As well as easy and effective, this also gives every member of staff peace of mind that help is at hand, plus the pupils benefit from knowing that their learning environment is designed with their safety, security and wellbeing at its core.

As for out of hours workers, their alert is sent to the Alarm Receiving Centre, which can find them using GPRS, speak directly through the device, and then agree on the appropriate course of action. Chaperone has given Ashwell Academy the reassurance that staff and students are safeguarded against risk throughout the site at all times. With its simple installation and set up, staff were able to implement quickly and manage escalation’s effectively almost instantly.

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