Business Boost | 6 February 2018 - by Ian Midgley

Top tips for surviving winter

Winter is well and truly here - and showing no signs of moving on - which means there’s a whole load of extra problems facing your business beyond the usual daily challenges.

One week the UK is subject to major storms, the following week it’s 10 inches of snow. Without being able to predict the weather it’s sometimes tricky to be the smooth, seamless, business machine customers would like you to be.

At KCOM we’re all about keeping you connected, so we’ve compiled some top tips on how you can be ready for whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at us.

  1. Touch screen gloves

If you do decide to venture out, keep your extremities warm while using your Smartphone in touch screen gloves. This handy tech innovation uses nanotechnology to allow you to swipe, press and click your screen while keeping your gloves on.

  1. Get a winter wake-up call

There’s now a free iPhone and Android app that works like a normal alarm clock but much smarter. It monitors the weather and if there’s been severe or stormy weather it wakes you up a little bit earlier, giving you enough time to dig your car out of the snow.

  1. Keep a healthy office

This is the season of the sneeze – so keep some hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes handy. Those shared telephones, computers and common surfaces should be regularly cleaned as they become incubators during flu season. Employees who do become ill should be encouraged to contact their doctor and to stay away from the office. This not only allows them to recover but also prevents the rest of the office from coming down with the lurgy.

  1. Let your customers contact you

Your phone. It’s your lifeline and your business’s link to the outside world. Customers know your number and if they don’t you’ve cleverly plastered it across your business cards, adverts and website. But what if there’s been snow falling through night and you open the door to see just a snowy mound where your car used to be?

Simple, a KCOM Smart Number lets you keep your local number wherever you are. You can divert your calls to your mobile, your home or to another office, and wait for the snow to melt, with customers not knowing any different.

Going a step further, our SMARTComms telephone system is cloud-based, which means calls can be made and received from Smartphones, iPads, laptops or even your home phone. A single telephone number will mean you never miss a call again, regardless of your location, or how many mince pies you’ve eaten.

  1. Keeping connected

You need a safe and secure way to access your emails, calendar and contacts, anytime, anywhere. So, there’s leaves on the line and you’re stuck on the 7.40 from Hull to Kings Cross – but it doesn’t automatically mean wasting time. With our Office 365 you can access your email via your PC, Mac, mobile, tablet or on the web. 

Not only do you have access to your emails, you can also see shared address books, shared calendars, public folders and task lists.

  1. Get yourself home – we’ll back you up

Having your files backed up automatically means you (or your computer) don’t have to physically be in the office. You can take a duvet day, snuggle up with your hot water bottle, and relax knowing that your data is safe.

Office 365 makes sure all your files are encrypted before, during and after the backup process and we create a secure link between you and the data centre, so if the worst should happen, you can be up and running in no time. You have the flexibility to restore your data from any location as soon as you need it.

  1. Loving your server

Imagine your office loses power during a storm. Your websites go down, your staff are having to use pen and paper, like back in the Dark Ages, and you can’t access any of your valuable e-documents.

Co-location protects against this, giving you a fast, uninterrupted connection, and the freedom to connect to the server from anywhere in the world.

Our Managed Server Hosting service also has added benefits such as fire suppression measures, very early smoke detectors, multiple power feeds from the National Grid, three generators as back up and 24/7 fault monitoring (and much more). Your server is completely safe with us.