Business Boost | 24 March 2016 - by KCOM

Businesses urged to club together for Hull 2017

Lord Mandelson, who holds the ambassadorial position of High Steward of Hull, announced the Business Club initiative at a breakfast event in the city and called on business leaders to become part of a “forward-thinking collective” to maximise the opportunities from Hull’s year in the cultural limelight.

Speaking to around 100 local business people at the University of Hull’s newly-redeveloped Brynmor Jones Library, he said: “It is a pleasure to be back in Hull to launch the Hull UK City of Culture 2017 Business Club. This is an opportunity for businesses to publicly show their support for Hull 2017 and to become part of a forward-thinking collective that will make a direct impact on the success and the legacy of City of Culture.
“You don’t have to look far to see the progress that is being made towards the transformation of this city. With less than one year to go until Hull becomes UK City of Culture 2017, the impact of the title and its associated economic benefits are plain to see.

“Hull is undergoing a period of rediscovery that is bringing jobs and investment to the region. It is now up to all sectors to continue working together to make the most of every opportunity that Hull 2017 brings.”

The Hull 2017 Business Club, specifically designed for smaller local businesses, builds on the outstanding success of the business “Angels” initiative, which saw 22 local companies pledge £17,000 to back Hull’s bid for City of Culture status.

The new initiative will give companies the chance to publicly show their support for the year-long cultural festival and they will, in turn, benefit from the increased profile and networking opportunities the associated media interest will bring.
Martin Green, Chief Executive of Hull UK City of Culture 2017, said: “We’re launching Business Club in response to demand from the local business community. Our business people have long been telling us they want more ways to become more involved with City of Culture. Business Club is a partnership package with mutual benefits at a time when the eyes of the world will be on Hull.

“Business Club expands on the amazing success of our Angels. It allows a wider network of aspirational business partners to come on board, to capitalise on the opportunities that a city of culture brings with it, and to become a vital part of the 2017 story.”

Companies investing in next year’s events will gain access to a host of rights and benefits including hospitality, tickets, VIP events and collective Business Club media activity. You can find out more about being part of Business Club by contacting