Business Boost | 30 September 2018 - by Ian Midgley

How reliable is Lightstream?

How reliable is Lightstream?

For the vast majority of businesses, broadband is an essential service – it enables them to connect with customers and suppliers, improve productivity and efficiency and make the most of new technologies.

But to reap these benefits, your broadband needs to be reliable – and the type of broadband you have plays a big part in whether or not you can count on it.

Research from industry experts Broadband Genie found that broadband disruption can be severe. An estimated 1.5 million UK businesses suffer problems with their broadband at least once a week or more and on average it costs a business £904 for every hour their broadband is down during working hours.

You can minimise the impact of disruption on your business by choosing the right type of broadband. There are three main broadband technologies.

Firstly, there’s Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line - or ADSL, as it’s usually known.

This uses copper telephone lines to carry the internet signal to your business. These copper lines were originally designed to carry telephone calls – not data-hungry business tools and applications. With ADSL your broadband speed reduces the further away you are from the local telephone exchange and the stability of your service is affected by things such as the weather and interference from electrical and electronic devices. It’s old technology, not designed for the way we use the internet today.

Then there’s Fibre To The Cabinet, or FTTC. This is where the internet provider has laid fibre cable to a cabinet in the street and uses the old copper cable to make the final connection to your premises. Although the use of fibre means your service is faster than ADSL, the copper part of the connection means the potential problems of disconnections and dropouts remain.

Finally, there’s Fibre To The Premises – or FTTP, which is full fibre broadband. This is what KCOM’s Lightstream is.

FTTP delivers ultrafast broadband via fibre cable not just to the cabinet down the street but all the way to your business. There isn’t a copper wire to be seen anywhere in the process, making it not just the fastest but also the most reliable broadband technology available.  

It’s no surprise then that Broadband Genie’s annual Business Broadband Report found KCOM’s Lightstream to be the most reliable business broadband, with a rating of 94 per cent for reliability compared to an average of 80 per cent for other providers including BT Business, Virgin Media Business and TalkTalk Business.

So, for business broadband you can count on, say cheerio to old copper wiring and hello to a bright, Lightstream future.

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