Business Boost | 5 January 2016 - by Josh Morablanco

Five Reasons to go Social

Are you debating whether go to social? Here are five reasons why you should embrace social media.

1. The Potential

Social media can reach more customers for you than ever before. Research by shows that there are 29.9 million Facebook users in the UK - what if you could reach just some of them? Evidence shows that businesses have increased their customer numbers and sales after building and sustaining a positive reputation online.  

2. Grow Your Business

Every follow, like and retweet could lead to a new customer. The larger the presence you have on social media, the larger presence you have in the market: is a customer more likely to buy from you, the business they follow, or the competitor they have never heard off? 

3. Your Customers

Your followers are able to find a fast way to contact you, as we all know time is of the essence, particularly when it comes to sales. This allows you to take action on what needs to be done and make your business a better place for the customer sooner than ever before.

4. Advertising

You can launch new products, events and offers. How many people will come to your event if they haven’t heard of it? Putting it on social media not only attracts the attention of your followers but also their friends if they share it. This is free and can reach a whole new audience including potential customers.

5. The Competition

All businesses want to have an advantage over their competition. said there are more than 25 million small businesses on Facebook, could your competitor be one of those? It is an ever growing sector and you don’t want to be left behind.