Business Boost | 7 December 2017 - by Ian Midgley

Be winter-wise: don’t let the weather hold your business back

Winter has well and truly arrived– and it’s brought with it the kind of weather that can get in the way of business as usual.

At KCOM we’re all about keeping you connected to the things that matter, so here are our tips to make sure your business keeps going whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

Did you know there’s now a free app available for iPhones and Android smartphones that works like an alarm clock – but one with a difference.

AlarMe monitors the weather and if there’s been severe or stormy weather, a snow fall or frost, it will wake you up a little earlier, giving you more time to get to work in difficult travelling conditions.

If you’re like most businesses, your phone is the most common way for customers to contact you. But if there’s been snow falling through the night and you don’t want to make the treacherous journey into work, there could be no-one in the office to answer calls.

Smart Routing from KCOM lets you keep your local number wherever you are.  You can dial into our automated service and divert your calls to your mobile, your home or to another office, with no impact on your customers or your business.

Going a step further, our SmartComms UC phone system is cloud-based, which means work calls from your work phone can be made from and received to your home phone, smartphones, iPads or even you laptop.

If you want to hold meetings without being in the office, the SmartComms UC video and audio conferencing tools will allow you to keep in touch with staff and suppliers without having to leave the comfort of your home.


You need a safe and secure way to access your emails, calendar and contacts, any time and from anywhere. With Office 365 we can make sure you're always connected. So when you’re stuck on the 7.40 from Hull to Kings Cross, you can access your email from your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet.

And it’s not just access to email – you can also see shared address books, shared calendars, public folders and task lists, in fact everything you’d normally do in the office.

Automatic backup for your files and systems means you (and your computer) don’t have to physically be in the office. So if a winter cold gets the better of you, you can take a duvet day and relax knowing your data is safe.

With Office 365 all your files are encrypted before, during and after the backup process and we create a secure link between you and the data centre. That means if the worst should happen, you can be up and running in no time, with the flexibility to restore your data from any location as soon as you need it.

And finally, simple but very useful, touch screen gloves keep your fingers warm while letting you stay connected when you’re out and about in freezing weather. They use nanotechnology to allow you to swipe, press and click your screen.