Business Boost | 29 June 2016 - by Henry Groom

Apple conference gives a sneak peek at latest developments

Every year Apple holds its Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) in California to showcase its new software and technologies to software developers.

WWDC 2016 took place earlier this month and KCOM was there to keep our finger on the pulse.

So what have those clever Apple bods been working on that we can look forward to in 2016 and beyond? Here are some of the things that caught our eye.

iOS 10

WWDC wouldn’t be WWDC without an announcement about an updated operating system and this year was no different.

iOS 10 has a fantastic new lock screen with a ‘raise to wake’ feature that lights up the screen of your iPhone when you pick it up, so you don’t have to touch the home button and risk unlocking it – all the iPhone users out there know what I mean!

For the inner selfie lovers, the all-new Photos app has a ‘Memories’ feature that automatically groups photos of friends and family using deep machine learning. Tie this with an automatically generated video of your latest night out or that family get-together set to your favourite music and your images are really brought to life.

Smart homes are the latest in consumer technology and Apple’s working with the largest in the business such as Philips, Honeywell and Hive to allow you to control your heating, lighting, washing machine and much more from your iPhone, iPad or even your AppleTV. You can even talk to Siri to avoid the hard work of turning off the light before you go to bed.

A whole new Messages app says goodbye to standard ‘sms/mms’ messaging and welcomes the rich features of handwriting, digital touch, and QuickType. With animations, larger speech bubbles, being able to make text larger to SHOUT or smaller to whisper, it’s all very impressive.

Other updates for Maps, Siri, News app and back end system refinement bring together a honed, polished release for Apple. It’s set for release in the autumn, but beta testers can log on now and start playing. It’s worth it.

watchOS 3

With the ever growing market for wearables Apple has announced big changes in watchOS 3.

Control Centre has made an appearance now to fall in line with the rest of the product range, allowing users to easily swipe between apps rather than the old “double tap” of the crown.

Watch lag is a thing of the past. Finally. With apps opening in an instant – at least seven times the speed of opening with OS2 – it already feels like a new watch!

A revised activity app brings the ability to share workouts, activity, heartbeats and much more with friends and family, and has also been expanded to include new features specifically designed for wheelchair users.

One of the other major changes is the way you can reply to messages with the new touch keyboard, Scribble. To reply just draw on the screen.


Hot on the heels of the latest release of the Apple TV hardware last year, the release of tvOS brings some new features, but not as many as expected.

Updates to the main features of the Apple TV such as the remote, keyboard and Siri are great to see – for example, you can now use your phone via the dedicated app to control the Apple TV rather than the remote that comes with it.

But the biggest Apple TV announcement was Single Sign On – so you no longer need to enter your Apple credentials over and over again.

macOS Sierra

Move over OS X, macOS is here and with it is a long list of new features.

macOS Sierra – due for arrival in a few months – will bring some new tech, functionality and a revised look and feel.

One of the best features is the ability to unlock your iMac or Macbook directly from your Apple Watch. If there was ever a reason to buy one, this is it!

The arrival of Apple Pay is another welcome addition, allowing for in browser/app payment with security validation coming from TouchID – no more having to remember your password!

Tightly integrated into the operating system now is Siri. After waiting for what feels like an age the ability to use Siri alongside normal working practices on the Mac makes for a seamless experience. Open apps, create reminders, plan your next trip…Siri is there to help.

A revised release of the Photos app brings about some nice changes to the way photos are not just displayed, but also edited. New features like “Brilliance” mean you can enhance your photos with very little effort, while new machine learning algorithms improve the way you tag and catalogue your photos.

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