CCTV Security System

Powered by ultrafast Lightstream fibre broadband, we’ll help you protect your premises with our security cameras. Designed to overcome the challenges of standard recording solutions, for example disk failure or theft and limited remote access, this is a new business CCTV experience. Footage is instantly sent securely over the internet to the cloud where it is recorded on our secure servers for viewing at any time.

You can log into your business SmartCCTV dashboard via a computer, tablet or mobile phone to view live or recorded footage, wherever you are. Its intuitive video and event timelines and time-stamps make for an easy and efficient review process when you need it most.

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How SmartCCTV will benefit your business

Simple Access on a Secure Platform

24 Hour HD Recording

Cloud Based Storage

How SmartCCTV Works for Your Business

SmartCCTV is a subscription based CCTV service. Using a simple “plug and play” architecture it delivers a new CCTV experience, and can integrate into any existing CCTV installation. SmartCCTV is designed to overcome the inherent challenges of standard on-site recording solutions; disk failure, limited remote access, monitoring service interoperability, and risk of video loss due to theft. Storing video recordings off-site eliminates this single point of failure and provides access to both live and archived video anywhere, anytime, by a standard internet browser. With no software or hardware to upgrade new features can be enjoyed immediately as they become available.

SmartCCTV provides continuous video recording stored both off-site and locally creating an “always available” video recording system. The user friendly dashboard provides an intuitive video/event timeline that enables rapid search for alarms, open/close activity, guard tours, or any other alarm activation. All recorded video streams are secured and camera/time-stamped making the review process easy and efficient. Event-activated video clips are distributed in ‘real-time’ to designated users and are stored in the user’s account for video retrieval and review purposes.

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SmartCCTV from KCOM drives peace of mind for 65 cars

Please introduce yourself and your business

My name’s Mark Fleming and I’m the managing director of 65 Cars Ltd; with corporate transport, private hire and even a very special taxi for those special occasions, 65 Cars are taking it to the next level in taxi hire.

SmartCCTV from KCOM – how is it different to your standard CCTV system?

The instant flashbacks are a brilliant function – if we ever have a problem of violence or theft, the instant flashbacks allow us to use time and date to solve the issue immediately.

We can now stream the CCTV onto our phones or tablets, which again is perfect, especially when we’re at home (which isn’t very often!), but we can check the business is safe and secure from anywhere.

The police are firm believers in it too, they love how easy it is to use.

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