Case Studies | 29 October 2014 - by KCOM

SmartCCTV from KCOM drives peace of mind for 65 cars

Please introduce yourself and your business

My name’s Mark Fleming and I’m the managing director of 65 Cars Ltd; with corporate transport, private hire and even a very special taxi for those special occasions, 65 Cars are taking it to the next level in taxi hire.
Why did you need a CCTV system installed?
We’re a private hire taxi operation; therefore we deal primarily with the general public who we, as a business, have a loyalty to protect. By having the SmartCCTV system installed it has allowed us to protect our customers and not only that, it protects the business.
We’re also lucky enough to be in a beautiful building so we feel we owe it to the building to protect it.

SmartCCTV from KCOM – how is it different to your standard CCTV system?

The instant flashbacks are a brilliant function – if we ever have a problem of violence or theft, the instant flashbacks allow us to use time and date to solve the issue immediately.
We can now stream the CCTV onto our phones or tablets, which again is perfect, especially when we’re at home (which isn’t very often!), but we can check the business is safe and secure from anywhere.
The police are firm believers in it too, they love how easy it is to use.

What has it allowed you to do as a business?

In your average month we can take around 40,000 taxi bookings, we use chip & pins in all of our taxis and we have booking forms on the internet. As you can imagine, the last thing we want to be doing is checking up on the business 24/7 when we could be out there providing a service for our customers.
The CCTV along with Lightstream has given us that stability where we don’t have to worry about what’s going on in the office all of the time because we’ve got a camera doing it for us; a camera that we can access and view whenever and wherever we are.

Speaking of Lightstream, you’ve recently had it installed at 65 Cars – what advantage are you seeing from this?

When we had a standard connection, the amount of pull on the system due to numerous people using it often slowed our whole booking system down which has a domino effect – the system slows down, the work doesn’t go out as quick for drivers, we don’t serve as many customers; that’s not a successful business strategy.
With Lightstream this has all changed, we love it! Definitely would never go back to standard broadband.
What are the benefits of being with KCOM Business?
Working with local people and businesses is what makes us tick and we know when we ring KCOM we will have a call answered in seconds.

Would you say SmartCCTV and Lightstream allow you to work more flexibly as a business?

More at ease more than anything; the SmartCCTV I can view from anywhere and I can be rest assured everything is safe and secure. I trust KCOM products to be reliable and we have 80-90 drivers in our company, reliability is something we pride our whole business on and using KCOM products comes under this umbrella.

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